Madrid Apartments in Austrias neighborhood

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Discover the Austrias Neighborhood in Madrid

If you are planning a trip to the vibrant city of Madrid and looking for the perfect place to stay, you have come to the right destination. At Luxury Rentals Madrid we will show you a tour of the charming apartments in the heart of the Spanish capital, specifically in the picturesque Barrio de los Austrias. Here, you will find everything you need to know about this historic area and how to find the ideal accommodation to make your stay in Madrid unforgettable.

Exploring History and Culture

The Austrias Quarter, also known as Habsburg Madrid, is one of the oldest and most emblematic areas of the city. Its narrow cobblestone streets and charming buildings will transport you to the Madrid of yesteryear. Staying in this neighborhood, you will be able to discover some emblematic places such as:

1.    El Palacio Real

This majestic palace is the official residence of the Spanish monarchy and an architectural jewel that you cannot miss.

2.    La Plaza Mayor

A historic meeting place in the heart of Madrid, surrounded by cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy local cuisine.

3.    The Almudena Cathedral

An impressive cathedral that combines different architectural styles and offers panoramic views of the city from its towers.

4.    The San Miguel Market

A gourmet market where you can try authentic Spanish flavors, from tapas to wines and much more.

Accommodations in the Austrias Neighborhood

Now that you have an idea of what awaits you in this wonderful neighborhood, it's time to talk about the accommodations you can find here.

Accommodations in the Austrias neighborhood in Madrid:

Charming Apartments

In the Barrio de los Austrias, you will find a variety of charming apartments. These accommodations are usually located in restored historic buildings and offer modern amenities to make your stay comfortable and authentic. Some of the services they usually include are:

• Fully equipped kitchens.
• High speed Wi-Fi.
• Air-conditioning.
• Spacious and bright spaces.
• Panoramic views of the city.

Diversity of Sizes and Styles

Regardless of whether you are traveling for business, as a couple or as a family, in the Barrio de los Austrias you will find apartments of different sizes and styles to adapt to your needs. From cozy studios to spacious three-bedroom apartments, there are options for everyone.

Pricing and Availability

Accommodation prices in the Barrio de los Austrias may vary depending on the season and exact location. It is advisable to book in advance, especially if you plan to visit Madrid during the peak months, such as spring and summer. Check our reservation availability to compare prices and availability.

Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Apartment

Choosing the perfect accommodation is essential to fully enjoy your visit to Madrid. Here are some useful tips:

1. Location: Make sure the apartment is close to the main attractions of the Barrio de los Austrias to save time traveling.
2. Opinions and Ratings: Read the opinions of other travelers to obtain real information about the experience of staying there.
3. Additional Services: Consider what additional services are important to you, such as cleaning service, parking or elevator. At LRM we offer it to you.

Explore Other Madrid Neighborhoods

While the Barrio de los Austrias is charming, Madrid has much more to offer. If you are interested in exploring other neighborhoods in the city and booking one of our apartments, here are some useful links:

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Book your apartment in Madrid now

If you are looking for an authentic experience in Madrid, staying in the Barrio de los Austrias is an exceptional choice. The combination of history, culture and convenience in this charming neighborhood will provide you with unforgettable memories.

We hope you enjoy your stay in the Spanish capital to the fullest! If you would like more information about the accommodation available in the Barrio de los Austrias, do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you plan your perfect trip!