Legal Notice

Title Holder

Exclusive Rentals Spain S.L.,with head office at Calle Fernando el Santo, no. 7, 28010 Madrid, C.I.F. (tax number) B-85907038, is the title holder of the domain

Applicable conditions and objectives

The following conditions are intended to regulate the use of the site which Luxury Rentals Madrid has made available to the public at this URL.

Any third party utilizing this web site is considered the user and supposes the inclusive acceptance for the above mentioned user along with all of the conditions of this Legal Notice. It is understood that a user is anyone who accesses, navigates, or participates in any of the services or activities developed or provided in

Exclusive Rentals Spain, S.L. may offer services or products through the site which themselves may be subject to particular conditions which substitute, complete and or modify the present conditions, if this is the case, the user will be specifically informed.

Access to is free to the user and they may utilize the site at no charge. However, some contents and services offered may be subject to or restricted by previous contracting of services or products and the quantity and form of payment determined as such, there after made available to the user.

Intellectual Property

Exclusive Rentals Spain S.L. is the title owner and possesses the corresponding license, regarding the rights and exploitation of intellectual and industrial property of All contents of the site, unless otherwise indicated, are owned exclusively by Exclusive Rentals Spain, S.L. or third parties.

Access and navigation of the web site should not be interpreted as the user having rights to renounce, transfer, license , or possess (total or partial), any of said rights by Exclusive Rentals Spain S.L., regarding all rights related with their Web site and the services offered within.

Therefore, it is not possible to suppress, elude or manipulate the copyright notice or any other identifying data regarding the exclusive rights to Exclusive Rentals Spain S.L. or their incorporated titles and contents,such as the following, technical devices for protection, digital fingerprint or any mechanisms of information and / or of identification that could be included in the contents.

It is hereby prohibited to modify, copy, re-use, exploit, reproduce, publicize, duplicate (present or past publications), load files, send by post, transmit, use, change, distribute in any form either partially or completely the contents included in for public or commercial ends, if one does not rely on the express written authorization of Exclusive Rentals Spain S.L. or, in this case, of the title holder and the rights that correspond.

The user recognizes, therefore, that the reproduction, distribution, commercialization, transformation, and in general, any other form of exploitation, for any purpose, of all or part of the contents of this site constitutes an infraction of the rights of intellectual and / or industrial property of the title holder of the site or title holder himself.

Web page Guide Lines

The user promises to utilize the site, the contents and the services in accordance with the law and this Legal Notice. The user will not use the web site or the services presented within with intention of illicit effects contrary to the content of the present Legal Notice, or harm the interests or rights of third parties, or in any way damage, render useless or deteriorate the web site or its services, or impede normal use of the Web site for other users. Likewise, the user promises not to expressly destroy, alter, render useless, or in any other way damage the information, programs or electronic documents and all else found at the present web site.

The user promises to not inhibit the service access of others by means of massive consumption of the IT resources which are provided by the owner of the site, in addition, user will not conduct actions that damage, interrupt or generate errors in the above mentioned systems. Also, the user promises not to introduce programs, viruses, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other logic device or sequence of characters that cause or are capable of causing any type of alteration in the IT systems of the site owner or of third parties.

When visiting, the user may find he must register himself in order to utilize and /or contract a service, when this is the case, he will be responsible for providing information which is correct, lawful and verifiable. As a consequence of registering, the user will be endowed with a password for which he assumes responsibility to diligently maintain in confidence in order to access services. Therefore, the user is responsible for the suitable custody and confidentiality of any identifying data and / or passwords that are supplied to him from, and promises not to allow its use to third parties, be it temporary or permanent, nor allow access to unknown persons. Any illicit utilization of the services by a legitimate third party who employs the use of the password caused by lack of diligence or loss of password, will be the users responsibility.

As a consequence, the user is obligated to immediately notify the managers of of any act that allows the undue use of the identifying data and / or passwords, such as theft, deviation, or the unauthorized access of mentioned, in order to effect immediate cancellation. Should they not communicate such facts, Exclusive Rentals Spain, S.L. will remain exempt from any responsibility that could stem from the undue use of the identifying data or passwords for non authorized third parties.

Functionality of Site

Exclusive Rentals Spain S.L. is exempt of any responsibility that could stem from interferences, omissions, interruptions, IT virus, telephonic breakdowns, or disconnections of the operative functioning of the electronic system, caused by reasons foreign to the owner of the web site.

Exclusive Rentals Spain S.L. excludes itself from any responsibility that could take place for delays or blockades in the operative functioning of this electronic system caused by deficiencies or overload in the telephone lines or internet, as well as damages caused by third parties by means of illegitimate interferences beyond the control of Exclusive Rentals Spain, S.L.

Exclusive Rentals Spain, S.L. reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without previous notice, access to the Web for maintenance, repairs, updating or improvement operations.

Personal Intrest Information

Visiting this web site does not implicate that the user is obligated to facilitate any information of personal character. Should the user provide some information of personal character, the data gathered will be used according to the limitations and rights recognized by the Organic Law 15/1999, The Protection of Data of Personal Character and its Regulations of development, marked by Spanish legislation.

The users who facilitate information of personal character, expressly concent to the incorporation of their information on file, containing information of personal character, of which Exclusive Rentals Spain S.L. is responsible, as such, the computerized treatment or no treatment of the same, with the purpose of Exclusive Rentals Spain S.L to put the users in touch for journalistic and / or informative ends. If the collected information was in use for a means other than that for which it had been obtained or gathered, previous consent of the interested parties will be necessary.

Exclusive Rentals Spain S.L has adopted the technical and organizational measures necessary to guarantee the safety and integrity of data, as well as, avoid its alteration, loss, manipulation, or non authorized access.

The user whose information is the object of concern will be able to exercise the free right of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation of his information and repeal his authorization without retroactive effects in the terms specified in the Organic Law 15/1999, Protection of Information of Personal Character, in conformance with the procedure legally established. These rights may be exercised by correspondence to, or by writing to; Calle Fernando Santo, n º 7, 28010 Madrid.

When one proceeds to withdrawl data said user is initiating a process, either voluntary or obliged , to which the withdrawn data is subject. Failure to provide the obligitory qualified information will result in requested services being denied. Facilitating data voluntarily will allow services which are offered to be presented optimally.

Duration and modification of the conditions.

The web owner reserves the right to modify, develop and update at any time and without previous notification, the conditions and use of the existing web. The user is subject automatically to the conditions which are adhered to the web the moment he access the web.


With regard to disputes, Exclusive Rentals Spain S.L and the user, must submit to the Jurisdiction and Courts of the city of Madrid, with the exception of any applicable rules which apply at that moment to impede both parties from a specific forum.