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This 85m2 apartment is perfect for those who want to enjoy Madrid in its entire splendor. Located in the Gran Vía of Madrid, it’s notable for its mag...
People: 4
Bedrooms: 2, 2 Bathrooms
Meters: 85m2
From: €140,00 per night

The absence of partitions in this three-room apartment allows light and ventilation reaching all corners of the house. The open, unobstructed layout makes the...
People: 7
Bedrooms: 3, 2 Bathrooms
Meters: 150m2
From: €135,00 per night

Spectacular 265m2 apartment located in one of the best areas of Madrid, Salamanca neighborhood, near the Wellington Hotel. The apartment has two living rooms, fou...
People: 7
Bedrooms: 4, 4 Bathrooms
Meters: 265m2
From: €350,00 per night

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Luxury Rentals Madrid offers the most exclusive apartment rentals in Madrid, totally new or refurbished, with very competitive rates for this level, and so that you can be sure you´ll enjoy the city in the most satisfactory way and with peace of mind.

We have made a careful selection of those apartments that meets  the strict criteria of Luxury Rentals Madrid, and we are proud to offer a wide variety and the most attractive apartments of the city.

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Rent apartment - Madrid apartments | Madrid apartment rentals, perfect for Business and Holiday
Find here the best Apartments in Madrid. Rent an Apartment for your Business or Holiday Trip to Spain. Enjoy a Friendly Service and Chic Flats in the center of the City. Welcome to Luxury Rentals Madrid.
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